Danny Volonino

Danny Volonino worked as an employee for Kodak, only to be laid off and left on unemployment. He then owned a traditional business that relied solely on his abilities to perform, but due to a health issue that impeded his abilities, his business suffered, thus affecting his families' quality of life.  Danny Volonino has experienced many challenges in his life, but he understood that he was simply being "ground & polished" to shine light on others by becoming a motivational speaker, teaching others  how to become successful in a home based business. 
          "I know that we all have significant challenges in life, but one either chooses to make excuses or make money,” says Danny.  He refused to allow his health issues to derail him from becoming the best that God created & expected him to be. It was during the lowest point in his life that the ACN home based business opportunity was introduced to Danny Volonino.
             He immediately understood the value and validity of the ACN concept and chose to surround himself with other successful ACN leaders as well as the owners of ACN. This led Danny to become a top producing Senior Vice President and Circle of Champion member of ACN Inc. "The key to success is to surround yourself with God fearing, positive, expectant, people of their word."
       Since joining ACN Inc, Danny Volonino has mentored thousands of people to success levels that have "flat out" changed their quality of life. Danny has accomplished this both at the individual, "grass roots" level as well as speaking in front of large crowds. His famous, sought after presentations have been heard all over the world, most recently in the US, Italy, Spain, Hungary, and soon in the Netherlands. With all of his success through the last two decades,  Danny Volonino is excited for the future.
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